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As a non-profit organization, Kids ‘n Kamp relies on the generosity of individuals and corporations for money and publicity. Since 1982, Kids 'n Kamp has dedicated its efforts to children in the community who have cancer. At our expense, we provide the over 450 families we serve with tutoring, counseling, scholarships, emergency financial aid, emotional support, and family activities.

For the children of Kids 'n Kamp, time is even more precious because they are suffering from a disease that has stolen their childhood and continues to threaten their lives. For them, the “future” means tomorrow…a day at a time…a treatment, an x-ray, a surgery…at a time.

Listed below are the current opportunities available:

Volunteer at or Support Our Annual Holiday Party

Our Holiday Party requires the assistance of nearly 100 Kompassionates (volunteer) and numerous financial supporters.

Volunteer at or Support a Family Activity
Every year, Kids ‘n Kamp hosts many family events, with each depending on the generous donation of time and energy on behalf of our Kompassionate (volunteer) base. The Holiday Party, for instance, requires the assistance of nearly 100 Kompassionates, while the Zoo Picnic is handled by a smaller team of eight. Some events, like the Halloween Party, require hands-on help like showing the kids how to make scarecrows or helping them with craft projects at Family Camp. Perhaps your company employees would love the chance to meet the kids and help make the event a success by lending a hand at the same time!

Plan a New Family Activity
Perhaps your group of friends or club would like to plan an Easter Party for the kids or an old-fashioned Halloween Party, filled with costumes, candy and crazy antics. The KNK staff will assist you with location, donations and ideas...we just need energetic Kompassionates (volunteers) who love planning fun for kids and making it happen!

Plan a New Fundraising Event (Download the Fundraiser Questions PDF)
Many families and businesses set up their own fundraisers on behalf of Kids ‘n Kamp to raise money for specific programs, or for KNK in general. Fundraising events can range from a cake sale to a paper airplane contest to a marathon, and KNK can help you every step of the way! Simply let us know what you would like to do, and we’ll see how we can help.

Participate in an Annual Fundraising Event
If you are interested in helping out in our fundraising events already in place, your involvement as a Kompassionate would be greatly appreciated.