Focusing on Mom E-mail

In addition to serving the special needs of children whose lives are affected by cancer, Kids 'n Kamp is committed to serving the needs of the entire family. By providing support and activities for moms, Kids 'n Kamp continues to brighten the lives of families affected with childhood cancer.

Mom's Night Out

Sometimes happiness takes little more than good food and close company. That’s why Kids ‘n Kamp is honored to host Mom’s Night Out, a monthly dinner with the Moms. Pot Luck is the theme as the mom’s cook their favorite dishes and enjoy them over good conversation. In this casual atmosphere, all the Moms are free to circulate with old friends and new Mothers, with KNK staff on-hand to support. Mom's Night Out is one of our oldest and most relied-upon activities; a time for old friendships to prosper and new friendships to form, everyone together to support each other with empathy and compassion.

Mom's Night Out is the second Tuesday of every month unless otherwise indicated. If interested in attending please call the KNK office at (614) 262-2220 to reserve your spot.

Mom's Quilting Weekend

This event allows Moms to get in touch with their creative sides, which are easily neglected due to the cancer diagnosis of a young one. Kids ‘n Kamp provides lodging and instruction. It starts on a Friday with sewing machines humming all weekend. Weary but proud, the Moms start for home on Sunday with quilt wall hangings, quilt throws or quilt comforters tucked under their arms, and memories of a whole weekend spent in a quilter’s paradise with other Moms.

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Mom's Retreat

Sometimes it’s best to get away for a while, and that’s why Kids ‘n Kamp offers the annual (and fully-paid for) Mom’s Retreat. Arrangements are made with an inn or lodge and KNK staff facilitates the weekend, with sessions focusing on such topics as marriage, motherhood, inner strength and personal growth.

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